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Flubbed Up Financial Plans

Flubbed Up Financial Plans

by Jason Glisczynski, 6/7/21

It wasn’t until I became a CFP® professional that I understood the elements of a financial plan. My “aha” moment was when a potential client came in with their 401(k) statement. He proudly pointed to the middle of page one. There was a picture of a sunny day and the words, “You’re retirement is sunny and bright! You can expect to draw $6,000 per month in retirement.” I asked him what that meant. He boasted, “Well, I don’t think I need your services because my 401(k) is awesome! I put my information in and it calculated out how much I can draw and $6,000 is plenty!"...

Jason is also an Investment Advisor Representative with Brookstone Capital Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor

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