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Our Process

We have developed and refined a proprietary process called The Pathfinder FORMula®.  This process integrates all 109 services we offer into 7 pillars: wealth management, risk and debt management, tax planning, estate planning, cash management, philanthropy, and our value added services. Our goal is to take all the pieces of your financial puzzle and put them into place. Each plan and puzzle is unique. Many of those pieces are not relevant to you or your plan at this time, but as your life unfolds and needs evolve, Silvertree Retirement Planning and The Pathfinder FORMula® follow a process that helps you pursue your financial independence.

The goal is to help you implement a plan with multiple strategies to reduce risk for all possible outcomes, without apprehension. There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution when it comes to planning your future. And because we're an independent firm, we're under no obligation to sell proprietary products or services. That means we're objective and selective, offering only those investment products and services we believe are best suited to help meet your financial goals.

Inside our seven pillars are 109 services that can make up a financial plan. Some of which, may or may not be relevant to you today. Our years of experience tell us that as your life unfolds and your needs evolve, those pieces will become relevant, and our proprietary process puts and keeps them in place.

The Pathfinder FORMula bridges the gap between what matters and what we can control.